I love it when serendipity enters our lives. Last night I was part of a scheme to outwit someone (not my plan, but partly my wit).

I ended up spending a couple of hours at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre here in Guelph, doing some writing, enjoying the peaceful quiet. It was a lovely evening—you know that kind of lovely that almost sings to you? Where the temperature is just right, the wind is gently blowing, and the view is awe-inspiring? That’s the kind of evening I ‘accidentally’ enjoyed because I went along with a plan.

As I was sitting in my car looking out over the community gardens that are part of the Ignatius experience, I recalled the first time I set foot on these magical grounds. It was back in the fall of 2015 when I had only lived in Guelph a couple of months. I was hoping to find a place where I might walk—a green space that was vast, interesting, and peaceful. I came upon the Ignatius Centre only a short drive from my home, and stood in exactly the spot where my car was parked last evening; where I had breathed a huge sigh of relief—where tears had welled up. Finding this little piece of heaven overwhelmed me then, and now again I was being taken back to exactly what I’d been seeking for many years.

I now know and remember I always have a place to go where I can reconnect with myself and feel at home. We are always being guided and given exactly what we need, but are we open to the signs?!

Serendipity is pretty sweet.

Originally published on Facebook on July 3, 2017.

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