There are pivotal learnings in life that I believe are meant to guide us towards our greater expansion and truest self. When we pay attention to what inspires or challenges us, we may begin to see clues that will assist us on our soul path, propelling us forward towards a truly happy and authentic life.

As we grow from child to adult, through a process of socialization, most of us become more active participants in our culture’s social structure. Through many pressing influences, we may begin to lose touch with our truest self and abandon our own agendas in favour of those around us. Meeting ego’s need for love, security, acceptance, and belonging is a natural part of being human.

Along the way, in our attempts to please and meet those needs, we may slowly forget who we are, and lose connection with what motivates us, what makes us truly happy, speaks to our souls and makes our individual lives personally meaningful.

As self-doubt silences our inner voice and guidance, we may feel confused as to how to find our way back to the driver’s seat of our very own lives. 

During stressful times as adults, the same unravelling may occur where we feel we are losing an essential part of ourselves, and fears begin to take over.

Ever-faithful to the path of self-awareness, all my life I have been taking dictation of some sort, attempting to understand the nature of who I am, the purpose of my own life, and the meaning of life overall.

I was not aware this was what I was doing for many years—I simply honoured the nudge that often came to me to write down this or that.

Writing came easily and naturally, and offered an eternal, unconditionally loving confidante for me to share. I needed to make sense of the enormous amount of information, observations, connections, and contradictions that consumed me each day, as well as be able to express the feelings that often overwhelmed me.

While writing, I seemed to be in conversation with a consciousness that was sharing a life with me. I trusted this ‘other’ because in tandem it seemed we were directing me towards deeper awareness and purpose. This ‘other’ lined up with my own internal knowing and was very validating during the years when I never shared my rich and inner spiritual life with other people.

Although self-doubt has been a life-long friend, on a deeper level I mostly trusted that whatever choices I made in life, things would always work out for me, eventually. 

I have always been a very creative and insatiable truth-seeker. If something inspires me, like a canine on a scent, I will follow it until my curiosity has been satisfied. I trust that if something piques my interest, it is worthy of exploring and is an important part of my life-puzzle. 

I once viewed life as a journey of discovery, however, after many years of serious soul-searching and paying close attention to the connection between how I was feeling and how my life was showing up, I began to see that life was more a journey of creation. While attempting to find someone like ME, I realized I was simply wishing to find someone—anyone—that mirrored my truth, to validate and give me permission to be exactly who I was.

That insight finally evolved into a deeper understanding that I am essentially on a journey of becoming who I am, while remembering I have always been.

Becoming more conscious of my truest self at the core thereby enables me to experience more of my authentic nature as I continue to awaken; a self-fulfilling prophecy.

While passionately following the thread of my reasoning and what was true in my reality, I suddenly came to the realization that the guru I was seeking was myself!

My journal writing has been one of my main sources of spiritual guidance; words on the page seem to look and teach differently than random thoughts in my mind that are tangled up with other ego-crazy stuff. 

The well-known quote “The answers you seek lie within.” (and right under your nose!) rang clear as a bell that afternoon while crossing the bridge over highway 11—a bridge I had crossed a hundred times before. “I am my own guru!” exploded in my awareness as truth shot like lightning throughout my entire body.

Whether these words I receive, either on the page or in my mind, are divinely inspired ( I mostly feel they are) is of less importance to me. I am grateful no matter the place of which they come. What matters the most is their undeniable resonance and the ultimate peace I glean. 

Whenever I am willing to allow words to flow through me, writing has been the backbone of my life, giving me strength and encouragement on my often-wobbly path, while still being flexible enough to allow me to ignore it for long stretches at a time.

The creative process has always been my muse—a way to express my multi-faceted personality. Words help to express more of who I am at my deepest core, helping to awaken and give witness and voice to who I’ve always been. In this way, I am always a work in progress; an ever-evolving source of life’s infinite creative potential.

My Journey of Becoming Process is something I refer to as a way of birthing and reconnecting with one’s inner child/authentic self. Through creativity and self-awareness tools, one can begin to remember and recover a deep sense of personal meaning, happiness and purpose.

Self-responsibility guides my life today towards the solutions to whatever it is that troubles me, as well as the creation of whatever I can imagine. If I can imagine it, it is possible. 

I believe we are only as powerful as we think, can imagine, and understand, while at the same time innately powerful beyond measure. If I can take full responsibility for my life and my choices, I am indeed only as limited as my beliefs.

I am in the business of being authentically ME. 

My wish is to share and guide others through my own knowledge, life experiences, and understandings; to be a catalyst for your own freedom, remembrance, and awakening to who you really are.

You have always been who you seek to become. And now you see.