It’s been an interesting month juggling a lot of conflicting thoughts with intense feelings attached to them. Do we need to know the actual reason for our feelings in order to just accept them as they are? There’s always a root cause even if we can’t always figure out what that is. I’ve found that when I trust these deeper understandings trying to rise to the surface my inner judge is kept at bay. Patience with ourselves is needed until the unknowns become known.

Fumbling our way in the dark can be frightening. Each intrepid step we take leads to the next elusive one, and fears begin to distort reality. Sometimes all we have is our own inner light guiding us, keeping us on the path to who-knows-where.

An authentic life asks for no less than our deepest happiness and truest self. Albeit, not easy in this often confusing world, it’s worth taking that risky walk in the dark to reawaken our greatest joy and reason for being. It’s a call that whispers and whispers before it begins to shout “Just be YOU!”

Now just how freeing is that??!!

Originally published on Facebook July 31, 2017.

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