I love discovering new places to walk. This past weekend I finally made it to some trails I had only seen from afar. While driving my car, I would catch glimpses of the river that winds all through Guelph and could see people riding bikes, or walking alongside it. I knew at some point I would make the short 20 minute trek to these trails and take a peek.

What is it about walking in nature that excites me? There is such freedom I feel when slipping on my running shoes, donning my backpack, and stepping out into a beautiful day. You don’t need money and it requires very little frill. It’s there simply for our pleasure and enjoyment at any time of day.

Listen for the invitation that nature always provides. It comes in the way of sunshine, rain, breezes, whispers and chirps. And in a vast array of colours, too!

Originally published on Facebook July 12, 2017.

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