Metaphysical Ministry
The Indigo Centre
Tarot Readings

Core Challenge:

I work with spiritually-oriented men and women who have reached a crisis point, and feel lost and stuck. You lack self-trust and may suffer from low self-worth, depression, anxiety, worry, dissatisfaction, boredom, confusion, and feel disconnected from who you really are.

Core Benefit:

I intuitively guide spiritually-oriented men and women to the core of their authentic self, reawakening self-love and self-trust, while fostering honesty and self-responsibility.
I encourage full expression of your truest nature that returns deep personal meaning, joy, and purpose to your life, while helping you remember you have always been the source of the wisdom and love that you seek.

My “Journey of Becoming Process” intuitively integrates self-awareness tools such as shadow work/mirroring, self-inquiry, core beliefs, inner child work, journalling, and the Tarot, with universal spiritual teachings and healing/balancing modalities including mindful walking in nature, creativity, meditation, crystals, Reiki, and Bach Flower Remedies.

Through this reawakening process, clients are empowered to experience an evolution of their soul through:

  • a deeper trust in their own inner voice and inner guidance;
  • a reunion with who they truly are at their core, and their innate sense of worthiness;
  • a positive shift in energy and increased understanding of higher perspectives;
  • the world as their mirror, or ‘shadow’; inner beliefs being reflected in their reality;
  • calm acceptance of the cycles of life, or Law of Karma;
  • renewed hope, peace and forgiveness of self and others;
  • greater self-awareness, self-respect, and self-love as they honour their unique process;
  • clarity of life purpose;
  • a renewed sense of personal meaning;
  • self-responsibility and a loving commitment to living authentically;
  • deeper happiness, joy, inspiration and an expanding sense of freedom;
  • a lifting of creative blocks and spontaneous enjoyment of passions;
  • a cooperative, optimistic spirit that recognizes one’s co-creative partnership with the universe;
  • confident and inspired decision-making;
  • acceptance, tolerance, and compassion for self and others;
  • more loving, transparent, and harmonious relationships;
  • alleviation of stress symptoms and better quality sleep;
  • a desire to honour the body as a whole through adequate self-care: conscious eating, drinking, and exercise;
  • weight re-balancing – loss or gain;
  • growing confidence to make significant life changes toward a new career path or calling that reflects the authentic self;
  • recognition of leadership ability and advancement towards mastery of inner strengths;
  • an understanding and balancing of finances as a natural outcome of living in alignment with the Laws of Attraction and Abundance;
  • deep gratitude for the variety of human life experiences (good and bad) for soul growth;
  • a natural releasing of attachments to people and things;
  • a desire to acquire less ‘stuff’ and deep contentment with living a simpler life, and a significant change in consciousness towards the experience of ‘oneness’ – honouring all life and all paths as one, with a desire to contribute to the evolution of humanity towards a more loving, peaceful, and unified world.